The Laundryman 青田街一號

By Atlanta Asian Film Festival (other events)

Thursday, October 20 2016 8:30 PM 10:00 PM

Mandarin with English subtitle (2015)
Dark Comedy, 112 mins
Director: Lee Chung

Presented by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office-Atlanta

A laundry shop secretly provides the service other than doing laundry. The beautiful shop owner A-Gu enlists a group of contract killers for hire in the disguise of laundry service. One of these professionals, “No.1, Chingtian Street”, is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. He seeks the help from Lin Hsiang, a psychic introduced by A-Gu. It turns out Lin Hsiang is the only one that can also see the ghosts troubling “No.1, Chingtian Street.” She tries to help him get rid of the ghosts, but the laundry shop hides secrets more than she bargains for. And what “No.1, Chingtian Street” runs from is not the ghosts of others but the ghosts from his past.

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